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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NAKAMURABASHI: Nukumuku Bakery... 50's Classic America meets Boring Cinnamon Roll :(

This exterior just stopped me in my tracks during a walk... thought it was an American trinket shop but turned out to be a bakery.  Just had to go inside...

Very cluttered but visually all the colors was overwhelmingly interesting.

Lots of different pastries... mostly non-sweet items like breads and sandwiches.

Cold showcase had a few sweet items.

Deep in the back is the baking area.

The cinnamon roll caught my eye and had visions of amazing Hawaiian Leonard's Malasadas but to my dismay the 150yen selection was dry and cinnamon sugar very bland at best. BUT! I must have selected the wrong item to critique this shop because foodies love it with a solid 3.58 points on Tabelog.  This is a part of town I hardly venture but if you in the area it might be a fun bakery to take your little ones.

Bakery: Nukumuku Bakery
Address J: 東京都練馬区貫井1-7-25
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nukui 1-7-25

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