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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NAKAMURABASHI: Kappa Sushi... wow the value! 88yen 2 pieces of nearly everything!!

It must be summer vacation because we've been bombarded by 105yen Kappa Sushi and Sushi-Ro commercials so I throw out my loyalty to Gatten Sushi in favor of some affordable family style rotating sushi!

What timing!  All sushi is on sale from 105yen to 88yen til July 31st! Lucky me~

The very friendly hostess asked me if I preferred counter or table seating... wow, offering table seating for 1 person is awful kind.  But as it was super busy and feeling a bit guilty I asked for counter seating.

View from the waiting area.

The entire system is automated.  Can select from Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean menu's.

All you can drink green tea :)

One of todays Osusume's (recommendations) was ZukeMaguro (flavored tuna).  It was pretty good!

I watched and watched the regular Tuna (maguro) roll by but it just looked so stiff and froze... the quality seemed on par with supermarket levels but I'm sure there's a big following for this.

Then the Crab... yum... as thin as a pencil but hit the spot.

If you look thru this hole you will notice all booth seats for 4... looked way more comfy than my counter seat sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers munching away.

Chu-toro with yellow daicon (Torotaku-Maki とろたく巻) ... very nice.

English now...

Round and round.

Negi-Toro Roll... each piece was as big as my thumb.  88yen... too much rice for me.

One of my all time favorites that I've had since childhood but never seen served on a little block of sushi rice... Ika-Tempura (squid).  Sooo crispy outside and tender on the inside.  Yum!

Even Uni (sea urchin) is 88yen this day!

Here comes the bullet train on the upper level of the rotating belt delivering my warm egg! The greatest thing was not having to take anything off the belt that kept going in circles with Sushi that may not be at its freshest... just use the machine and items come directly to ya via the bullet train.

Warm sweet egg 厚焼き to close out my lunch.

And when you are done or just want to see what you've order and if it was already delivered there is a confirmation screen.  I had six items this day.

No smoking! What a beautiful sight. There was a solid mix of families with little children, salarymen, OL's and elderly folks during lunch today.

6 pieces at 552yen... Incredibly high cost performance and more than satisfied with this insanely affordable sushi lunch.  Service was so spot on friendly and the lady even help guide me thru the menu system asking if I preferred English or Japanese.   All smiles!  

At the entrance there is a listing of all their ingredients: veggies, fish, meat etc and country of origin.

Amazing Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet drive-by right outside... I'll be back Kappa Sushi!

Restaurant: Kappa Sushi - Nerima Nukui Branch
Kappa Franchise Website:
Address J: 東京都練馬区貫井2-4-15
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nukui 2-4-15

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