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Monday, July 15, 2013

NERIMA: Knuckles "Chicken Shack" for some chicken nuggets

Newly opened chicken nugget shop in Nerima! 

Gotta love how they simply pasted their name in the middle of the previous businesses full on Taiyaki awning. 

Always a fan of small new openings...

Few samples.  They are also selling fried Taiyaki, the cashier said this may be the only place in Japan serving it this way.

Opening Sale all 20% off.

Three levels of spiciness.  Super spicy "Beast" (Super spicy) "Wild" (spicy) and Mild Sauce.  I went for the Wild as his description of "Beast" was Geki-Kara (insanely hot).

Staff said they developed a new fryer that uses 41% less grease than conventional fryers so they are able to fry both Taiyaki and Chicken in the same oil without it getting overly greasy.

Faces the tiniest parking lot I've ever seen.

Overall the fight chicken nuggets were a bit mushy and the french fries soft and slightly greasy.  My Wild spicy sauce kinda tasted like Thai Sweet Chili Sauce... could have used a bit more.  I may return to give the chicken sandwich a try but will pass on the nuggets.  Cashier was extremely friendly and all smiles... oh when  another customer asked if this was a franchise shop he mentioned this is store #1.  Good Luck!

Shop: Knuckles Nerima
Nerima-ku Blog:
Address J: 東京都練馬区練馬1-2-1
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nerima 1-2-1

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ファイトチキン, ナックルズ, 練馬

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