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Saturday, March 10, 2012

NAKANO: Ramen Kaeru... wow... like amazing Ramen Jiro without the wait. So good!!

Off to Fujiya Camera in Nakano to see if I can find some used DSLR gear and decided to give very highly ranked Ramen Kaeru a try.  But what most attracted me to this spot is all the reviews calling it the place as "inspired by Ramen Jiro."

Ramen starts at 700yen... I went for the 800yen ramen that included a half boiled egg.

Just place this on the counter.

The ramen chef will ask you what toppings you want.  Free toppings are raw egg, garlic, extra fatty lard, extra onions and extra steamed vegetables.  Well after looking at my neighbors massive ramen reminiscent of Ramen Jiro's monster I went for the...

... 1/2 portion of steamed vegetables (yup, a full portion is gigantic!), garlic, extra fatty lard and Futo-men (thick noodles)... oh he'll ask if you want Hoso-men (think ramen noodles) or Futo-men.

A beauty!

The thick noodles were so chewy... its great to experience this texture.  And the soup cling to the noodles so very well...  Soup was a kinder version from that served at Ramen Jiro in Jinbocho but just as great.

Free bowl of Rice on the weekdays...

And the egg... It had a very nice sweet favor to it.  Recommend this.

A little NSYNC playing on the BGM...

24 hours later as I write this blog post and I'm seriously craving Ramen Kaeru again!  One of my best ramen discoveries yet and totally recommend it.  No lines and all the flavor of Ramen Jiro... oishiikatta!

Shop: Ramen Kaeru
Address J: 東京都中野区中野5-56-11
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-56-11

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