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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

GINZA: Yumimachi Ginza Tamariya-Hachi... Random lunch but unaware of the high foodie ranking

When out of ideas in Ginza just head off to a tall building that usually houses several floors of restaurants... on this day I visited Ginza Velvia-Kan (

A great restaurant layout with several seating options... counter seating near the entrance, tables, then on a higher tatami level counter seating surrounds the chef hard at work then in the very back there are 4 tatami seating tables...

Ordered the "Nikomi Hamburger Teishoku" 950yen.  In Japanese "Teishoku" meals normally come with the main, salad, soup, rice and drink.

Free tea comes with the meal.

Very tender hamburger with a very rich sauce that seemed to have been heated to a slight thickness... very heavy and tasty.

Although I ordered the Hamburger Teishoku the daily special grilled white fish seemed to be a very big hit.. So if you go with someone I'd suggest one person to try the fish and share.

But I actually only ventured into this spot because one of my all-time-favorite spots sold out of their lunch...  Anyways this place had a very high foodie ranking of 3.73pts... guess dinner is well worth a try!

Shop: Yumimachi Ginza Tamariya-Hachi
Address J: 東京都中央区銀座2-4-6 銀座Velvia館7F
Address E: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza 2-4-6, 7F

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