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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MEGURO: Hungry Heaven how did I go wrong with the Chili Burger. Grill Grill Grill burger just spoiled me! (REVISITED)

Its Spring Equinox Day (shunbun no hi) in Japan today and nothing was open for lunch... wandered thru Akasaka for Korean (no weekday lunch specials), Tameike-Sanno for Pita the Great for a Hummus Pita (Closed),  Bubby's at Ark Hills (packed) then gave up and took the subway to Meguro~.

Hello Hungry Heaven!! A rarity to find lunch served all the way to 5pm and especially on a National Holiday.

Little bell at the table to call on the waiter/waitress.

Every burger meal comes with a drink selection.

The waiter mentioned top 3 burgers sold were 1. Hamburger 2. Cheeseburger and 3. Avocado Burger...  these can be had at any other burger joint and what is ultimately a factor for these 3 selections is the quality of the beef and buns.  I passed on his suggestions and went for the 900yen Chili Burger.

Arrived at 2pm and rather quiet... think it being a holiday there was no businessmen and OL traffic.

There it is... you can get "oomori" (extra) fries upgrade for free.

Visually it was a beauty!  The onions and lettuce were very crispy and tomato very fresh... As for the Chili it hit the spot but I think The Great Burger has a better Chili Burger... the burger could have been a bit more juicy.  Hmm... for 900yen (burger/fries/drink) you simply can't go wrong but ultimately the amazing Hungry Heaven Grill Grill Grill Burger I had a few weeks back simply spoiled me!

Service was great... atmosphere cozy and there are sooo many burger selections.  A great spot if you are a late lunch goer that has specials thru a very late 5pm.

Next time I return I'll stick to what caused me to fall in love with this place "Grill Grill Grill Burger!"

SHOP: Hungry Heaven (Meguro Branch)
Address J: 東京都目黒区下目黒1-2-22 セザール目黒 2F
Address E: Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Kami-Meguro 1-2-22, 2nd Floor.

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