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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ROPPONGI: Kourakuen for 290yen Chinese Soba (Ramen)... regrets regrets

Kourakuen is located all throughout Japan and the only time I really have a craving is when I have loose change in my pocket or want something very quick to eat in a roomy atmosphere.  I mean could you really go wrong with 290yen?

There is a great selection of noodles and combo meals on the menu... won't see this at most Ramen shops.

But my target was the 290yen Chuka-Soba (Chinese Ramen)... if I was to pay anymore then I'd probably hit up another ramen shop near by.

And my noodles arrive...

Noodles are not the traditional Japanese style but more of an instant ramen texture...  Soup was a very simple shoyu based flavor.  

Thin slices of char-siu pork... again nothing that will make you start craving extra slices.

The noodles are rather boring and leaves you wondering was it really worth the 290yen to add 577 calories to your waistline... hmm even foodies don't quite praise this spot ... the best part of this location was the extremely spacious booth seating.  Its very difficult to simply hang out and chat with your friends at a normal ramen shop as they prefer a higher turn-around but at this location you can take your time... Near Roppongi crossing so if you want something cheap and not a ramen connoisseur then give it a try~. 

Shop: Kourakuen Roppongi branch.
Address J: 東京都港区六本木7-14-13
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 7-14-13

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