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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

YOTSUYA: Taiyaki Wakaba... about a 15minute wait for traditional sweet azuki Taiyaki's

After shopping at my favorite Monday supermarket Maruei for 105yen vegetable/chicken specials I noticed a line down the street from the market.  

Taiyaki Wakaba... like was about 10 deep and most customers from salarymen to older oba-chans were ordering 15+ fish taiyaki's.  

Outside you can pickup some sweet red azuki bean paste seems to be filled with lots of vitamins.

2 guys make the fish shaped Taiyaki's with individual metal holders, a little old lady cuts the burnt outsides with scissors and one older guy handles the register.  There are 2 types of Taiyaki shops in Japan... HIIRAGI TAIYAKI in Ebisu that uses a large pan with multiple fish impressions and those that use one metal gear to make them individually... think the latter is more of a traditional style.

Seating in the interior.

And there it is... each only 140yen.

The outside dough has a very nice chewy texture.  The beans are unusually sweet compared to other Taiyaki shops in Tokyo... so I highly suggest...

...having a seat inside and pouring a little cup of free...

...Japanese green tea!  Was a perfect fit that balanced out the very sweet beans.

Had a second cup of Green Tea~.

If you are in Yotsuya give this little place a try.  It seems to have been around for quite some time and a little piece of Japanese history for only 140yen.

Looks like we are getting some brand  new green grass at Yotsuya Station... 

Shop: Taiyaki Wakaba
Very Old Skool Shop Website:
Address J: 東京都新宿区若葉1-10 小沢ビル 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Wakaba 1-10

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