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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GINZA: Arossa... but I guess the winning streak had to end. Lunch was not a hit.

Arossa is simply one of the BEST 1,000yen lunch choices in posh Ginza with their ever changing daily lunch specials and perfect service... but this day we should have looked at the menu before venturing inside.  My reviews are always great but not this day.

Started off with their standard Mori-Mori salad...

Followed by their seafood and cabbage marinade seasoning... basically mushy salty mayo tuna with seasoned cabbage.  Unbelievably we both left this nearly untouched.

Chicken was juicy and sat on a nice bed of famous Arossa mashed potatoes... It didn't stand out as in my previous lunch adventures here but was simply ok.

Selected hot tea over the coffee.

And closed off with the familiar green tea granita ice.  Just as with Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks even Arossa has a bad day.  This is still tops on my list of favorite Tokyo lunches so please please give it a try.  Go early because some days they sell out of the lunch.

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