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Friday, March 16, 2012

AKASAKA/Akasaka-Mitsuke: Korean Restaurant "Koka'an" (REVISITED) for amazing Tenjan Chigae

So tempted to go for the great 850yen Chicken-Kalbi-Teishoku from my last visit but thought I'd go for something lighter since it was a Friday... need to save some space for beeru tonight.

The Tenjan Chigae lunch set was 980yen (compared to 1200yen in the evenings).

Arrived towards the end of the 11:30 - 2pm lunch period and it was empty this day.  Almost had the entire space to myself!

The waitress said the Tenjan Chigae is a "Dentouteki" meal in Korea... think that means very traditional.  It came with a total of 4 dishes... 

Green vegetables seasoned in spicy kimchee sauce

The Tenjan Chigae Korean miso soup... smelled excellent.

And finally a basket full of greens and a bowl of rice with some spicy Korean paste.   If given no direction I would simply eat the veggies separately (there was no dressing on it), scoop some of the rice and dip it into the Chige soup... very basic and its what I always do with Sundubu Tofu Chige. BUT!!

The super friendly waitress gave me directions.  First place all the greens into the bowl of rice and mix it well... then add the Chige soup to this bowl until the greens become soft. Wow, it was kind of like cooking lessons... a bit fun.

Everything mixed in...

Chige contained firm portions of cubed Tofu.  In Japan its all about the Sundubu Tofu Soup with very soft uneven pieces of Momen Tofu... very rarely will you come upon Tenjan-Chigae or this firm Kinu tofu.  The firmer it is the less water it releases and less dilution to your chige soup... But if you are interested there normally 2 types of Tofu sold at supermarkets called Momen (silky texture) and Kinu (firm texure).

The Tenjan Chige was simply sooo tasty on its own... perfect balance of Korean miso flavor ad spice. I can't recall the last time I had Tenjan this good.... and I closed with some Chosen-Carrot drink.

If you are bored you can read about my Tenjan Chigae (Deon Jang Chigae) at MaMa's House inside of Chicago's Mitsuwa Supermarket (hint: It stank)...

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Shop: KOKA'AN - Korean Family Style 
Address J: 東京都港区赤坂3-20-8 臨水ビル B1F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 3-20-8, B1F

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