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Friday, September 9, 2016

OIMACHI: ZENIBA Yakiniku... fabulouuuusssss A5 ranked meats! Waitress "Mariko-chan" was super attentive and pretty too :)

Its a wonderful sight when you see blocks of beef in a showcase... yum.

To close out 3 days at the Tokyo Gift Show tradeshow we headed out for a team yakiniku dinner!  

The interior was interesting... playing club music in an atmosphere that was half bar and half restaurant but more of a blend of both.  It was a full house all night long... reservations for sure!

All you can drink menu.

Bartender reasonably quick!

3 types of Kimchee appetizers... perfectly seasoned and just spicy enough.

Big caesar salad

Pork Pâté 

Super tasty tender roast beef.

First time ever to see this... they use volcanic rock to grill the meats.

Here are the meats!! Each one different, each one with its own tender texture... every single bite was amazing.  Head a rush of "oishiiiii" from all my co-workers.

Waitress explaining the different types of meats.

Mariko cooked every one of the meats for us... the service here was fabulous.

Another super melty beef...

If you can get over the bar feel and the club music this restaurant is just wonderful.  The A5 ranked beefs were to die for and service just spectacular.  If you are ever in the Shinagawa/Oimachi area then you MUST hit up Zeniba Yakiniku.

Restaurant: Zeniba Yakiniku
Address J: 東京都品川区東大井5-14-19 ISOLA大井町2F
Address E: Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Higashi Oimachi 5-14-19

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