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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

SHIMBASHI: Unagi Kappo Owada Lunch! Very rare eel meal for me... slight body blow to the wallet. (Sony RX100)

Invited out to join for Unagi lunch in Shimbashi!  I`ve only had it possibly twice in the past 20 years but spoke to a friend of mine and she said it rejuvenates ya!  I`m in!

Led into a nice private room... most likely due to corona social distancing.

The Lunch Menu! Get ready for the prices!
2/3`s of an Unagi called Ume 2,850 yen
A full Unagi called Takeh 4,100 yen
Matsu Size 5,500 yen.  Toku-Jyo Size 6,900 yen!

Small bowl of pickles come with the lunch set.

This is all me! 2/3rds of an Unagi.  

Tokyo style Unagi is grilled, steamed then grilled again... so its fluffy and the bones become very soft.  Osaka style they just grill it once so you may get bones caught in your throat. 

My friends went with the Takeh full unagi. 

Thats one whole Unagi eel. 

Unagi specific spice seasoning. 

Close with Japanese green tea.  Overall the Unagi was so fluffy and had a very flavorful slightly sweet sauce that seeps into the rice.  One of the guys said if you are going to eat Unagi you gotta hit up the expensive places as they source the best fish... otherwise eating mediocre is not that satisfying.

The dinner menu.  The Unagi is normally not served on a bed of rice just ala carte.  Guess if you are drinking sake who needs those rice carbs to get in the way of that drunky feeling.   

Nice Civic Type-R spotting nearby. 

This little old lady sits in the heat all day waiting to shine shoes.  But with Coronavirus and telework her clientele has all but disappeared... She must be in her 80`s.

Restaurant: Unagi Kappo Owada Shimbashi Branch
Address J: 東京都港区新橋2-8-4 新橋MSビル2号館
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shimbashi 2-8-4

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