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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

MATSUYAMA OKAIDO STATION: Salvatore Cuomo Pizzeria at Daiwa Ryonet Hotel for Breakfast Buffet! Ho hum... but lots of items.

One night business trip to Matsuyama... I have never ventured to Shikoku "four provinces" island before. Really need to start exploring Japan more.  Oh! My round trip ticket with this fabulous hotel (restaurant is on 1F) was only 27,000 yen via JAL Pack Online.  Wow... cheap.

Breakfast coupon was included in my trip package but there is an option to redeem this for 1,200 yen.  If I knew of the quality of food I would have redeemed it for sure.

Lots of Japanese and Western options at the breakfast buffet but everything very mediocre.  Perhaps its because I was out with my business associated the night before and had a bit of a hang over.

Cereal with honey!

I'd definitely skip breakfast here and try somewhere else for 1,200 yen unless you love to eat alot then this buffet might be for you!

Now for the best part of the trip.  This is the newest hotel near the castle and absolutely fantastic!! Brand new, rather spacious for a business hotel, CLEAN and the window was from floor to ceiling!  I dread staying in business hotels because most are old, tiny windows, dusty and occasionally reek of cigarette smoke.  

View at night.  

Free wi-fi.

Un-business like very nice shampoo, conditioner and body soap.

Massive shower bathtub area!  WOW!! Loved this!!!

And to top things off they use Imabari Towels that are the most famous towels in all of Japan. They are made in the Ehime area of Shikoku Islands.  WOW!

If you are visiting Matsuyama you MUST stay at the Daiwa Roynet Hotel!  Super easy transportation from the airport by bus for about 600 yen... GO GO!  As for the restaurant a pass for breakfast.

Restaurant: Salvatore Cuomo and Bar
Address J: 愛媛県松山市一番町2-6-5 ダイワロイネットホテル松山 1F
Address E: Ehime-ken, Matsuyama-shi, Ichibancho 2-6-5

SALVATORE CUOMO & BAR 松山, サルヴァトーレクオモアンドバール, イタリアン, ピザ, 居酒屋, ダイニングバー, 大街道, Japan, Japanese, Canon s120, foodie, tokyobelly, pizza, breakfast, toast, miso soup, washoku, all you can eat,

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