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Monday, April 1, 2013

OTSUKA: Men-Tatsu Ramen... friendly grandma - soothing broth

Ramen friend of mine who goes near and far in search for great spots invited me to check out Ramen Men-Tatsu for their light shoyu or shio ramen.

Voted one of the best ramen spots in 2012 by Tabelog... and this place is fairly highly ranked too.

Only 9 counter seats.

The friendly friendly grandma... all smiles.

I normally goto Ramen shops with a ordering machine so I know to go for the top left hand corner button but had to ask my friend how to spot the shop recommended item for this type of menu... he said go for the very far right item which was Shio Ramen 630yen.

The Ramen chef was a bit scary... no smiles and perhaps the son or grandchild of the grandma.

And my Shio Ramen arrived!

The soup was light but had a great flavorness to it... hard to explain but it just had a kind taste.  Oh, the pieces of Charsiu were soooo melty soft.  Delicious

Thin noodles had a nice slightly chewy texture.  Oh the bamboo shoots were thinly sliced and very tender compared to most spots that offer larger crunchy chunks that I normally don't eat.

My friends Shoyu Ramen 580yen.  He really raved about this one and mentioned the 580yen price point was simply stunning for how great this dish was.

Grandma's little seat in the corner.

Overall a very simple ramen with a very light rich flavor and how can you not support a little old friendly lady.  I'll definitely be back for the Shoyu ramen!

Shop: Ramen Men-Tatsu
Address J: 東京都豊島区西巣鴨1-4-4
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Nishi Sugamo 1-4-4

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