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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

IKEBUKURO: Pho-Viet 650yen Lunch and College Girls Girls Girls!

Off to Ikebukuro to test out a solidly ranked Vietnamese Spot located just 1-2 minutes from Rikkyo University (aka St. Pauls).  If you arrive after 1pm all the lunch sets are 100yen Off!  Cheehoo!

Looks like a few girls coming down in the elevator...

Arrived about 1:15 and line was only 3 deep... guess there must have been a 1pm rush for the 100 off deal.  Seems 2 workers here also served former President Clinton in Vietnam. Cool.

Learn a little Vietnamese while you wait.

Several nice selections.  Torn between the Pho and Fried Spring Roll set and the Pho with the Daily Special "D Set."

How to Vietnamese Coffee

Seems they sell some Viet items.

There it is!  Volume wise it was very conservative

The daily special was the seasoned chicken!  Almost like Filipino Chicken Adobo... very tender and flavorful

Went for the waitress recommended Beef Pho.  Very tasty broth and it hit the spot.  Hmm... How can I fault this 650yen set.

A little red seasoning.  Not spicy and it almost tasted like red shredded squid... was great with the chicken.  Plus my lunch Mango Juice!  The Indian restaurants definitely do this better... shoulda went for the Tapioca Iced Coffee.

The crowd here mainly consisted of young college girls chatting away... and the center of conversation was all boys.  I never realized how sweet Japanese girls can get so super loud and wild when in groups.  Anyways here's a video of all the girls deep in conversation next to me.

Lots of interesting businesses in this building.  All Hostess Bars?

And if you time it just right there is a great park across the street filled with Cherry Blossom Flowers.  Anyways for 650yen and a very lively atmosphere I'll definitely be back to check out some other lunch menu items after 1pm!

Shop: Pho Viet Vietnamese Restaurant
Address J: 東京都豊島区西池袋3-31-15 ロイヤルプラザ 4F
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Nishi Ikebukuro 3-31-15, Royal Plaza 4F

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