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Thursday, April 25, 2013

ASAGAYA: Gyoza-Bo Cho-Hakkai REVISTED with family and kids! Absolutely DELICIOUS!!

Good friend of mine invited me to everyone's favorite Gyoza-Bo Cho-Hakkai with his mother in law, wife and two little children.  Needed to book the 2nd floor three weeks in advance and even that far back only a weekday was available.

Perfect for anyone with a family...


Special sauces

Very cool looking shrine on the 2nd floor.

From the 2nd floor you order via this tube that goes directly to the 1st floor kitchen.

Buzz Lightyear... and Beer.

This cold shredded seasoned daikon with red spice was oishii.

Chinese Sake with dried Umeboshi

Very flavorful rice with meat wrapped in a leaf.

GYOZA HUNTER "Man versus Dumplings" by Phillip Kendal article in the bathroom.

We ate and drank and ate and ate til we were all totally stuffed and the bill came out to around 10,000yen.  The food was once again amazingly delicious, 2nd floor extremely comfortable/private and service was spot on amazing... Husband and Wife team really appreciates the customers and all smiles.  YOU MUST GO!!!

SHOP: Gyoza-Bo Cho-Kakkai Gyoza Shop
LOCATION: Asagaya Station
Foodie Website:
Address J: 東京都杉並区阿佐谷南3-37-5
Address E: Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Asagaya 3-37-5

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