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Friday, April 5, 2013

COSTCO: 180yen Hotdog with Soda a Madhouse! Oh why oh my double diarrhea? :(

Japanese love Costco on a rainy day and even more...

They love American Hotdogs!  

The line was easily 100 deep... but Costco pumped out the hotdogs so fast we only waited about 10minutes to hit the register.

Drink station.

This guy was flyin... making hotdogs at supersonic pace!

This might have been the culprit for my friend getting hit with a stomach ache about 2 hours after consuming his Hotdog... and it hit me later in the evening.  Too exposed with too many people breathing into the raddish.

Its a beauty... but in Japan we only get one choice of Hotdogs... no Polish which I love!

Scored the last box of Chocolate Chocolate Chip muffins!  Cheehoo!

Costco is all over Japan... here you go!

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