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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KOTAKEMUKAIHARA: Anraku-Tei 500yen Yakiniku Lunch! What a deal :)

Dark roadside Yakiniku Shop offering all you can eat Yakiniku plans... i don't have a great impression of all you can eat meats spots because once in a while the meat comes out rather frozen and like it was carved with an industrial saw.

But their huge 500yen Yakiniku Lunch banner made me U-turn from my walk and give this place a try.

Nope nope nope nope... 

YES!! 500yen for the 100 grams of Yakiniku "Service" Lunch... thats all me!  Or you can go for the 724yen 150 gram lunch but in that case why not go for two 500yen Lunches ;). 
*** There are 3 lunch courses: Pork Kalbi, Family Ro-Su and Nakauchi Kalbi.

There are some Japanese style booths (no shoes)

This whole booth for 4 all for me.  Interior wasn't pretty but he I'm just here for the meat.

Boom!  This is really great great volume for only 500yen.
My Family Ro-Su kalbi recommended by the waitress as the most tender.

Kimchee was lightly tasty.

Big bowl of seaweed soup.

100 grams of Yakiniku.

Some white anin-dofu for dessert.

This Yakiniku was amazingly tender!  I was simply couldn't believe how soft the Ro-Su was... wow... all Smiles!  

Cool Metal Chopsticks just like Korea

All these things for free~.  Fresh garlic, Kochijan, Spicy red oil...

Sauces: Lemon sauce, sweet yakiniku sauce, spicy sauce and Japanese style sauce.

Kids Menu!
Smoking and Non-Smoking sections! 

Kitchen looked like something out of a school cafeteria... huge.

Customers place dots of where they live.

Free candy to return your breath back to normal.

Great thing about family restaurants located far from station is that they need to offer great deals to attract diners... lots of locals and cab drivers.  I fully enjoyed myself in this spacious restaurant and will definitely take that long stroll to have another 500yen lunch!  See you soon Anraku-Tei!

Restaurant: Anrakutei - Nerima Kotake-Cho Branch
Franchise Website:
Address J: 東京都練馬区小竹町2-73-7
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Kotake-Cho 2-74-7

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