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Thursday, April 12, 2012

OMOTESANDO: IL Pacioccone for daily Pizza special and home made pudding :)

Seems I've been frequenting IL Pacioccone after my irregular visits to (if you need a haircut ask for owner/stylist Okazaki-san).  They also have a branch in Hawaii

Waiter suggested the daily Pizza special... 

Never realized there was a 2nd branch in Minami Aoyama...

The Cheese pizza with Italian salami and fresh onion (new crop) arrived... as usual its easily so much large and thicker than most lunch pizza spots.  The salami was a nice change...

Fresh warm bread with olive oil.

Was alone so sat on the 1st floor counter seating (seats 4) and the only location in the restaurant that allows smoking.  2nd floor is all no-smoking... nice!

Daily dessert special that comes with the 1,050yen lunch was a very large piece of home made pudding.  Was so difficult to finish after the huge pizza.

Lunch closes with your choice of coffee or tea.

No smoking sign... and never realized they didn't allow photography or phones inside.  I assume tables are quite close together and camera/mobile phone shutter sounds can be distracting over dinner.

Another filling meal :).  Next time I'll have to give Pizza a rest and go for some pasta~.

If you are in the area there is a cool Ferrari dealership... 3 Californias and 1 Ferrari 458 parked outside in the rain.

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