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Saturday, April 28, 2012

YOTSUYA: Onaga-Ya Okinawa Shokudou... great Okinawan on a budget!

After having a disastrous Okinawan Soba lunch at Yanbaru in Shinjuku it was a pleasure to stumble upon this new Okinawan Restaurant across the street from Sophia University. Opened on April 16, 2012.

Daily lunch specials begin at 600yen and most surprising was the So-ki Soba and Rafu-te Soba were both only 600yen.. these usually command a premium as the beef used is very good.

Arrived at 1:45pm on a Saturday as lunch was winding down.

Grand opening sale... Okinawan dishes that range up to 600yen are all only 300yen til April 28th.

Went for the So-Ki Soba lunch set for only 600yen!

Little side dishes.

Spice for the Okinawan soba... think it consists of Awamori with little peppers inside.

Meat was extremely tender... yum.

Noodles consisted of both skinny and chunky noodles...  fun to eat.  If you want Oomori (extra) noodles its free!  But after gaining 2 kilo's in the past week on consuming waaaay too many carbs I went for the regular portion... it was still so much!

2 slices of Kamaboko.

Nice cozy interior... playing Okinawan music on the BGM.

Dinner menu.

A great little discovery in the basement of this building... My image of places in these locations are not very positive... normally mediocre franchise style shops but Onaga-Ya was a pleasant surprise.  Value is simply hands down great.  Highly suggest it if you are craving Okinawan on a budget.  You'll get stuffed!

I went back a few days later to try their 700yen Taco Rice Lunch... it was a salty disaster!  Stay away from this and stick to the great Okinawan Soba lunch set :)

Shop: Onaga-Ya Okinawa Shokudou
Address E:  Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kojimachi 6-6, B1F
Address J: 東京都千代田区麹町6-6

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