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Saturday, April 14, 2012

KOJIMACHI: Nidaime Tsujita Ramen... satisfying oily tonkotsu ramen

There are very few Ramen spots in Kojimachi but this place always has a steady line.... so on this cold rainy Tokyo day I had a craving for something that would warm me up.  Off to Nidaime Tsujita Ramen I went.

A nice map for how to line up outside when its busy.

First time I've ever seen hair bands and paper aprons at a Ramen shop... very nice.

Another first is besides the Japanese ramen chef there were also 2 overly friendly and at times annoying southeast Asian staff.  I've never seen a ramen shop that had foreign employee's not counting inexpensive franchise shops.  Great to see this place supports an international crowd.


I went for the regular Ramen 750yen.  Always feel what counts the most is the Tonkotsu soup and the texture of the noodles... and that usually fills me up fairly well without having to go for the premium ramen choices.

And there it is.  Very simple in appearance.  The flavor was a mild subtle tonkotsu (pork based) that will simply leave you satisfied.  There was a nice hint of oil that will make your lips nice and oily too... didn't mind that so much, in fact oilier the better for me.  Oh, the soup and noodles remained very hot throughout the meal... I've never had such piping hot noodles and soup before... phew.

Noodles were a bit on the al'dente style... there wasn't too much texture to this.  I love thick chewy noodles like at Ramen Jiro but this was decent. 

A very nice surprise... a very tender and thick piece of Char-siu pork.  Enjoyed this.

Lots of boxes of noodles.

Even on a rainy Saturday afternoon there was a steady crowd entering in the late afternoon.  I think once is enough for me but if you are craving ramen then this will definitely hit the spot.  

Shop:  Nidaime Tsujita Ramen (Kojimachi Branch).
Address J:  東京都千代田区平河町1-4-11 はらだビル 1F
Address E:  Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Hirakawacho 1-4-11

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