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Friday, February 23, 2018

TOKYO BIG SIGHT: Tokyo Marathon Expo... Lunch Packs! Japanese love these Yamazaki sandwiches..

I was at the Tokyo Marathon Expo to visit a clients booth and one of the shops selling items was Yamazaki Lunch Packs.  Lots of enclosed sandwiches with great fillings.

This one had pudding and almond.

Some lunch packs are sold exclusively in certain regions of Japan.  There are so many unique types of food regionally that they cater to the locals foodie needs.

Yakisoba and Mayo


Kobe beef corokke

Milk Chocolate with a cute panda picture... must be from Ueno Zoo.

This was a great one.. 4 types in one pack.

Added to this board...  

Clients booth! Launching OOFOS in Japan.

If you need an alternative to Rice Ball Onigiri's why not give the lunch packs a try?  They can be found in most supermarkets and convenient stores.

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