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Saturday, February 17, 2018

KAMI ITABASHI: Tokyo Ramen Ooban. Could ramen be any worse? Unlucky me...

My main motive to goto this far off location was Hungry Heavens brand new burger shop (the moved locations in this town).  But the line was 30 deep at 2pm and nah... I just couldn't wait.

Roaming around this town and smelled something rather stinky... not just bad stinky but a kind of addictive stinky that I have only smelled at a ramen shop in Kumamoto. OK! 500 yen ramen and stinky?  I'm in!

Lots and lots of items on the menu but had to try the Ramen with the mini braised pork belly rice bowl.

Ramen starts at a very friendly 500 yen and this shop was filled with high school students and some families with little children.  Prices go up with toppings but base ramen is the same.

Some daily manager specials written on the white board.

My view for the afternoon.  Counter seating but there were several tables.

First the mini kakuni-don bowl arrived.  Flavor was there but definitely not the great stuff you can find at an Okinawan restaurant like Tachibin:

And the ramen arrives! What is the first thing I always do?  Yup I try the soup first off.  It was bland!  What happened to the stinky smell that lured me in?  Another scoop and it was bland! I was soooo disappointed. 

Then a bit of the ramen noodes.  Ugh. Over cooked and mushy.  Oh man.  The waitress was a friendly Chinese lady and in the back I could see another middle aged Chinese lady chef.  There was really no heart in this bowl and simply a fast food franchise shop that has a stunning location just a few steps fro the train station.

Bad bad bad.... I don't do it often but left most of the noodles and tried my best to enjoy the boiled bean sprouts and bland soup.  If in Tokyo don't let a sign that says "Tokyo Ramen" lure you in!

Restaurant: Tokyo Ramen Ooban Kamiitabashi Branch
Address J: 東京都板橋区常盤台4-32-3
Address E: Tokyo, Itabashi-ku, Tokiwadai 4-32-3

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