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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AKASAKA: OGO Ono-loa Hawaii... Loco Moco and Poke Combo. (NEW SEATS!)

Back to Ogo's for a combo plate.

Lunch Menu... they just sold out of Mochiko Chicken!  Next time...

My LocoMoco and Spicy Avocado Poke combo lunch (1,100yen).    First time to go for the Loco Moco and there was something distinctly american about the flavor of this burger... brought back memories of being back in the states... soooo good!!  Now if you want to know how good it was try and compare it to all thats wrong with L&L Shibuya's Loco Moco.

Nice spicy kick.

Ryoji got in some new tables and chairs. Place looks brighter.

If you come alone the 3 hi-chair counter seats have expanded to 6 table seats... more space for the lone diners.

For an additional 100yen you can get a drink and Hawaiian dessert.

See you again Ryoji.

For Address Details Check out my last 2 Visits:

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