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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IKEBUKURO: Osteria Sante...hidden Italian gem in the mess of Ikebukuro

When I think of Ikebukuro what comes to mind is Yakiniku and Seafood... and of course suspicious bars but never did I imagine i'd have Italian in Ikebukuro.  Chef studied in Italy for 4 years and opened up this shop late last year.

Very lengthy specials menu.

Started with a nice 2,500yen bottle of Italian Donini Cabernet... for a mostly beer and sake drinker this was had a very welcome smoothness to it.

This spot was actually our 2nd of the night... After eating way too much Yakitori and my friend asking me if I'd like to stop by his old buddies Italian restaurant... well everything to follow was "osusume kudasai." (Chefs recommendations please).... and it kept coming and coming... amazing food but I was so full by the end of it all.

Slightly grilled Tuna.

Freshly baked bread... Hot and Chewy!

Octopus salad...

I thought this was Motsu but it was actually Birds Nest... my first time.

And the meal continues... Penne Arrabiatta

Think this was hot sauce for the penne...

Chef recommended this sparkling sake... chilled and so good.

Finally... our final pasta... we had to ask him to stop bringing all these great dishes.

It was a full house to my left so only snapped one picture... there is table seating for 20+ and 4 counter seats. 

Chef Matsumoto and his bio in Japanese

Light starters for only 300yen... even Parma Proscuitto

A random Wednesday after work.  Promise you won't be disappointed.

Shop: Osteria Sante
Station: JR Ikebukuro
Address J:  東京都豊島区池袋2-39-8
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Ikebukuro 2-39-8

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