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Friday, June 10, 2011

YOTSUYA: Nobu-san Izakaya... 50yen Hi-Balls and 180yen Beer... interesting night.

Brand new building... brand new izakaya in Yotsuya... honestly I was first lured by the 180yen Beer sign but some of the staff was passing out 50yen Hi-Ball flyers so... called up Mori-san and we were there.  Noticed a 300yen entrance fee but a few drinks would balance that out.

300yen tiny bowl of bean sprouts... hint of garlic flavor.

And so the 50yen Hi-Ball drinks arrive...

The best thing on the menu... Avocado Salad!  Avocado's were perfectly green and fresh... no dark spots.

When Mori-san ordered Jidori (chicken) Tataki it rang a bell... Normally I eat Maguro-Tataki (Tuna slightly grilled on the outside)... but raw chicken is one of the few things I don't eat... had to pass on this one.

Pork-Kimchee.... honestly we thought the food prices were rather high for the quality of the dishes. 

Menu all on the walls... Kind of had trouble ordering... nothing stood out.  Cucumber Stick with Ume 380yen, Rice 200yen, Potato Salad 420yen, French Fries 480yen, Pork Fried Rice 550yen... hmm... 

Interesting...even though the beer was only 180yen we just ordered one round... stuck to 50yen. Hi-Balls all night.

Probably one of the better dishes... Fried Chicken with tartar sauce.

Tiny bowl of garlic fried rice.

This was such a common sight here... People walked in very normal but a few hours later and many 50yen Hi-Balls later customers started falling asleep on tables... Not too sure if its a good idea to offer such cheap drinks.

This is definitely a drinking spot... probably best saved for Nijikai after a meal someplace else.

Shop: Nobu-san (のぶさん)
Location: Yotsuya Station
Address J: 東京都新宿区四谷1-18-11
Address E: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Yotsuya 1-18-11

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