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Saturday, June 11, 2011

KAGURAZAKA: Sho-Chan Yakitori.... the "CHEERS" of Yakitori. Super cool owner that chats away with all customers.

Buddy of mine invited me out to Kagurazaka for a bit of Yakitori... I've lived in Japan for over 10yrs but never checked out the French/Geisha district of Tokyo... that is Kagurazaka. Its its absolutely amazing how many tiny restaurants are in this town!

As with all other Japanese izakaya's you get a Otoshi... this was tiny mushrooms on a bed of white radish with Shoyu for flavoring.

Tsukene and Liver... wow... these 2 were incredibly good. Tsukune didn't have alot of chicken cartilage as usual... so smooth.  Liver was braised and slightly raw, perfect.

Custom chopsticks

Asparagus wrapped in thinly sliced meat, shiso maki and mushrooms filled with minced beef.

Interior was solely a square counter seating with the chef sitting right in front of us.  Max capacity about 15 people I think but this made if very cozy.

Buddy Scott had a bottle keep at the place... thanks!

Mushroom with meat...  One thing I noticed was that Sho-chan (owner) enjoyed drinking, smoking and chatting with customers behind the counter.  But when it came time to making the Yakitori he became very focused and silent... everything was so delicately made and sooo good.

Chicken skin.. so tiny.. so delicate and crispy.. a first for me.  


Don't forget to add a little bit of red spice

Very reasonable menu!

Tebasaki Chicken... crispy on the outside and perfectly juicy on the inside.  

Meat stuffed in Green Peppers... yum.

This was probably the most "normal" selection... tiny eggs. 

The spice.

Little cup for the sticks.

2hrs later it all ended.  The owner had a very unique friendly personality.  He will ask you to help clean up the neighbors empty dishes, takes his time in taking orders and preparing food... but it all added to a very unique experience at Sho-chan.  It can get very crowded with regulars who stay for several hours so I suggest you go before 7pm and enjoy.  Oh, its ranked incredibly low on the foodie website of 2.74 but this should easily exceed 3.5pts by me. 

Shop: Sho-Chan
Location: Kagurazaka/Iidabashi
Address J:  東京都新宿区若宮町16
Address E: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Wakamiya-cho 16

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