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Monday, July 8, 2019

NAKAMURABASHI: Torikoziku has a new limited menu as of July 4th! Crispy juicy chicken wings! (Sony RX100M3)

Torikizoku has a new line up of limited food items!  Had to visit!

Remember everything on the menu including drinks are only 298 yen (321 yen with tax)

Free refill cabbage with ponzu sauce... but make sure you ask for goma (sesame seed oil) topping too.

Fried chicken with plum sauce dip.  Yuuuum.   This night a friendly Vietnamese waitress named Kan started chatting with me a bit...  Torikizoku in the suburbs are so much friendlier than Roppongi or Azabu Juban. 

Here we go!  3 Tebasaki (chicken wings)

Baked to perfection.... the outside was crispy and inside so juicy.  Gotta get this!!

Cabbage refill!

I always order the rice pot.  Takes about 30 minutes but worth it for sure.

Pickles included with nikomi rice.

1 Giant beer, cabbage with endless refills, chicken wings, fried chicken with plum sauce and big pot of rice with chicken/veggies for 1,605 yen!  This place doesn't charge table charge or otoshi fee.   Such a great spot even for the lone diner. 

Restaurant: Torikizoku Nakamurabashi Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区中村北3-23-5 B1
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Nakamurakita 3-23-5

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