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Thursday, July 18, 2019

HEIWADAI: Anrakutei Yakiniku for a super value alternative to McD's! 500 yen lunch set! (Sony RX100M3)

I don't frequent Anrakutei often because its more of an all you can eat type of Yakiniku BBQ spot rather than a set meal kinda place.

But their 500 yen lunch set sure is a great alternative to McDonald's.

Lunch is served until 5pm and around 3:30pm I had the entire section of the restaurant to myself.

Lunch menu with many sets! 

Some nice meat options... looks yum.

Gas grill.

But in one tiny corner thats hard to spot you will see their east expensive 500 yen lunch sets.  They have reduced the meat from 100 grams to 80 grams.  Went for the GyuButa (Beef Pork) double lunch!

Boom! 500 yen including tax... nice value that includes kimchee (or salad), seaweed soup, meat, rice and a aninidofu dessert with pineapple topping.

Not sure which is the beef and which was the pork... hmm.

Kimchee so tasty!

Tiny garlic packages.

Put a bit of garlic on my yakiniku.... added so much flavor. 

Overall it hit the spot and for 500 yen you really can't go wrong.  Remember that the meat is very unmemorable but if you add some garlic and sauces it can be quite tasty!  

Restaurant: Anrakutei Yakiniku Heiwadai Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区早宮2-17-35
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Hyamiya 2-17-35

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