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Monday, July 1, 2019

OIZUMIGAKUEN: DanDaDan Gyoza specialty restaurant that won't stop pouring shochu!! Drunk on the cheap. (Sony RX100)

This is the 2nd time I visited Dandandan in my friends neighborhood.  Arrived at 4pm and think the waitress noticed me but said nothing for a while... normally when a customer enters a restaurant they say Irasshaimasen (welcome) so i stood there a bit. Hmm... think she may have lacked CS training.

Draft beers are 480 yen.

Nice that everything is pictured..

...but they are most famous for the gyoza.  Of course had to try!

Big alcohol menu... no English in sight.

Friend finally arrived was diagnosed with Gout about 2 years ago so skipped the beer and went directly for Hoppy thats mixed with Shochu.  1 Bottle of Hoppy will get you about 4 glasses of Shochu.

The cabbage salad came with spicy mayo and mentaiko!  The mentaiko was sooo flavorful. YUM!

After you finish one glass of Hoppy and Shochu mix you then ask the waiter for Naka (another round of Sochu) which is about 170 yen for the refill.  He won't stop until you say so but remember you need enough room to pour some Hoppy in your glass!   Another note... when I entered at 4pm I walked to the restroom but the waitress said it was occupied... 5, 10, 15 minutes go by and finally this waiter with smartphone in hand pops out.  Ok my turn...  I notice the sink was stone dry and toilet seat down... Oh boy, this waiter who also prepares food didn't wash his hands... UGH..... 

Pot stickers arrive!  The wrapper was chewy thick and when you bit into it the juice poured out much like Xiao Long Bao dumplings... really enjoyed this. 

Bean sprouts with seasoned ground beef I think...

2 large cabbages sat right next to the toilet entrance... hmm.

This is a great spot to enjoy Gyoza and Hoppy but the staff seemed so distracted with their iPhones and the instance of the waiter not washing his hands was a bit worrisome.  Anyways if you spot this franchise you gotta gooooo.

Restaurant: DanDaDan Gyoza Oizumigakuen Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区東大泉1-33-13
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Higashi Oizumi 1-33-13

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