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Saturday, July 6, 2019

JAPANESE BEER CHICKEN: Garlic, sugar, salt and SHOYU (Soy Sauce) plus Kirin Ichiban Beer (Canon s120)

Once every other month a friend and I visit this elderly guys home to have some drinks and food.  Normally we pick up cooked items at the supermarket but this nights theme was Camping!

Totally used camping gear in his tiny studio apartment.  Minced garlic, sugar, Costco salt and Soy Sauce.

First time ever for me to try chicken cooked in Beer.

200ml of beer and cook for 20 minutes or until all the beer evaporates...depends on how strong your gas burner is.  

Soooo tasty and super tender.  I think the secret ingredient is soy sauce for sure.

Photo from back in 2014? when he was still genki.

Back in the day this elderly man owned a small bar called Ohzora for over 40 years in a small back alley of Ikebukuro.  He retired several years ago and tends to stay home often due to pain in his knees.

Good times. 

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