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Monday, August 15, 2016

SAKADAI: Mendokoro Jinanbo... 100% Chicken Broth Ramen... Did he study under Chef Boyardee?

Mendokoro Jinanbo opend 3 weeks ago right next to one of the BEST yakitori spots in this area called Akimoto-Ya

3 different ramen choices.

Ramen, tsukemen (dipping noodles) and soupless ramen.

Lone chef in his 20's and all smiles.

Went for the regular ramen at 180 grams of noodles.

But you can get the Oomori (large amount) of 270 grams of noodles for free.

Here it is!  Didnt take but 3 minutes for him to prepare this.

A few sips of the soup and it tasted just like Chef Boyardee Chicken Noodle Soup!  This was just chicken soup with noodles that are on the al'dente side.

Al dente noodles were on the thinner side... 

Overall ho-hum... in such a ramen battle ground that is Sakuradai with Ramen Jiro, Hagan, and Maruyoshi I'm not too sure how long this place will last.  
I am only assuming that the chef has placed all his faith into the Chicken Broth niche.  I won't be back but good luck buddy!

Restaurant: Mendokoro Jinanbo
Address J: 東京都練馬区桜台1-4-7
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Sakuradai 1-4-7

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