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Saturday, August 6, 2016

NIIGATA: Kajikano-Yado... Japanese style ryokan food run by a family. Dinner and breakfast, 3 people, 30,000 yen!

Trying to book a Japanese ryokan on during Summer vacation on a Saturday is a huuuuge task! But friend found this great little family run Ryokan in Niigata.  The entire family is helping out... gotta support these little Japanese inns. 

When we arrived to the room the immediately served us tea and mango cookies.

The lady putting all the plates on the the table was the wife of one of the owner family members.  Looooong days... we were served at 6:30pm and they came back at 9:30pm to collect the dishes, This is truly hard work.

Dinner for 3!

The tuna was sooooo melty tasty... wow!

Also included Unagi... pretty special.

Friend gave me an extra Tuna... thanks buddy!

Niigata edamame was so wonderful.


Breakfast time!

This little old lady walked us out of the Inn and waited a good 5 minutes across the street as we put our luggage in the car.  She waved goodbye and bowed... this is why I love Japan.

Japanese hotel: Kajika No Yado
Address J: 新潟県岩船郡関川村大字湯沢393
Address E: Niigata, Iwafune-gun, Sekikawa-Mura, Yusawa 393

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