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Saturday, August 6, 2016

NIIGATA: Ramen Jun... massive amount of free lard topping for FREE! Fish broth tasty ramen.

Niigata!  Home of the "cha-cha" ramen boom.  They add extra oily lard on top for free. This was actually adopted in the past because delivery ramen often arrived warm instead of piping hot. So this extra layer of oily lard on top kept the ramen a hot temperature.

Middle quantity lardy, large portino and devil's massive lardyness that completely hides the entire ramen!  I went for the Large lardy... its all free!!

Went for this 790yen set that included a side of boiled veggies and you can select up to 4 different free items such as egg.

My friend got the normal lardy...

And I got my large portion of lardy... I should have went devil!

Little cubs of onion were so sweet and tasty.

The free egg topping.  Both of my friends are ramen fans and they really enjoyed this ramen.  It was a fish broth base and not as oily as it looks.  Perfect for lunch... not too heavy.

We arrived about 12 noon and it was pretty much a full house on this Sunday. The location is not so convenient but they sure do have a nice fan base of young girls, familys and ramen dudes.  If ever in Niigata you gotta check it out!

Restaurant: Ramen Jun Niigata Main Branch
Address J: 新潟県燕市大字小牧464-12
Address E:  Niigata, Tsubameshi, Komaki 464-12

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