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Friday, November 21, 2014

NAKANO SAKAUE: The Hangover Craft Beer Bar... Italian Craft Beer and the friendliest Owner/Bartender kinda from New Zealand

I arrived at a very late 11pm to meet friends who had been drinking form 7pm... missed out on what my pilot buddy called the best ever buffalo chicken wings and fish and chips.  Seems the batter has beer in it!

I think this was a pint of #4.

Clearance Beer! Neat

The owner just got in some Italian craft beer and gave us a small sample to taste.  Had a very distinctive almost addictive smelliness to it and the flavor was tasty.  I just might have to try a full pint next time.  Anyways the 28 year old Japanese owner studied in NZ and decided to open up is very own craft beer spot.  Bilingual and you couldn't meet a friendlier guy.  I'm sure we will all be back.

Restaurant Bar: The Hangover
Address J: 東京都中野区中央1-51-4
Address E: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Chuo 1-51-4

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