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Monday, November 17, 2014

GINZA: Sushi Kanesaka BOOM! Michelin 2 Stars~ After all these years I entered the realm of Sushi Jiro. Tokyobelly 700th ENTRY!!

A good friend of mine visiting from Indonesia invited me to join him and his wife for an experience of a life time...  There are 2 courses served here.  The 20,000yen and the 30,000yen course that includes Otoro fatty tuna, Fish Cheek and a larger portion of crab.

Even after living her for over 10 years little did I know what this wet paper in a box was.  I assumed it was the Oshibori until the kind Sushi Chef informed me it was for wiping your fingers after handling the sushi.  We always learn something new in this life.

The first dish.  Raw seasoned oyster that was so pure.  I am not a raw oyster person but his was very pleasant in both flavor and texture.

The chefs patiently remove all the meat from a crab then fill the meat in an empty crab head.

Our Sushi Chef "Ten-san"... He spent one year at the Singapore branch to improve his English and seems to be the goto guy to take English reservations and help explain the dishes to foreigners. All smiles and incredibly friendly.


Seasonal Japanese Clam... so tender.

Another of my favorites of the night... seasoned creamy sushi topped with wasabi and sesame seeds on a warm portion of rice.

The tuna cheek shabu-shabu'd for 10 seconds in Konbu dashi soup.
Oh yum... only available in the 30,000yen course.  A very small portion can be sourced from today's giant 160 kilogram Tsukiji Tuna

Grilled white fish... perfect amount of fattiness. 

"Akami" Red Tuna.

Chu-Toro Tuna

And the incredibly melty Ootoro Tuna... wow.

At the end of the meal I asked Chef Ten what he thought of Sushi Jiro.  He mentioned that one day he would like to go there but it was a different type of sushi.  At Jiro an assistant cuts the fish and Jiro places it on rice the immediately serves it to the customer.  This motion will continue for 20-30 minutes, 20 pieces of sushi at an astounding 30,000yen.  Jiro will only let you order a max of 2 small sake bottles "Ni-Go".  2 hours of great conversation in a beautiful sushi restaurant, cool bilingual chef that prepares everything by himself in front of us, friendly diners around us (Stylish Mexican couple and a young beautiful bilingual Japanese lady) OR 20-30 minutes eating hastily at Sushi Jiro?  If I ever IPO then will give Jiro a try but until then I prefer this 2 hour course option all the way. 

Closed the course with Egg that almost had a pudding like texture... there was finely ground shrimp in this.

Mr. Ten taking a reservation in English... his assistant who picked up our empty tiny dishes.

And the happy round fella in the back was the manager or in Japanese "tencho."  There was a visible ranking among the chefs.  Our chef had blue writing on his uniform, the manager silver and the Owner/Chef Kanesaka wears Gold.  When Chef Kanesaka is around Chef Ten goes into back-up mode.

3 People, 30,000 course and 2 beers... 100,000yen!
Oh Sushi Kanesaka is ranked among the top 500 restaurants in Massive Tokyo and its ok to take pictures.

Restaurant: Sushi Kanesaka
Kanesaka Website:
Trip Advisor: Trip Advisor Sushi Link
Address J: 東京都中央区銀座8-10-3 三鈴ビル
Address E: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza 8-10-3

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