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Thursday, October 2, 2014

fineDine Delivery AOYAMA Branch: Lots of great non-take out spots now deliver via fineDine! Pricey but nice.

Just moved offices and my boss said lunch was on the company! So I immediately thought Domino's pizza, Chinese or delivery sushi but little did I know this new company delivers great food items from very popular restaurants for of course a premium.

We all went with The Great Burger.  Prices are nearly double for delivery vs the 1,000yen burger, drink and fries at the eat-in restaurant.

Delivery for Outback Steakhouse, L&L Hawaiian BBQ, 

Sooooo many options.


Burgers from Burger Mania, West Park Cafe, Golden Brown and The Great Burger.

Awesome Kimukatsu... the pork inside is wrapped many many times.

The Great Burger take out menu and prices

It takes about 60-70 minutes for the delivery to arrive and the burgers cool down... a bit soggy.  But the flavor is still yummy Great Burger.  Ordered a Chili Cheese Burger with additional avocado topping for about 2,000yen.  Every order comes with fries but no drinks.

Each branch delivers for restaurants within that specific area so depending on where you live the delivery selection can vary. Aoyama Branch restaurants are :

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