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Friday, February 28, 2014

ROPPONGI: Ichiran Ramen... tiny private booths for the lonely diner~

1st time ever in my life to have ramen on the 2nd floor of a building... wow... I've passed by this spot on many occasions but never bothered looking up.  My friend posted a Facebook update with Ichiran Ramen lunch pic and commented "delicious" so had to give it a try~

All items pictured on the push button ticket vending machine.

Seems like the seasoned egg is ranked #1 in surveys.

Its like a love hotel... the tiny booth seats in lite up in blue are open to sit in... when a customer occupies a seat the light goes dark.  Neat...

A full house! How did everyone know there was a ramen spot here~

Peeked thru the green curtain to see what was going on inside.

English and Japanese menu's to create your perfect ramen~.

Brought out my Sony AS10 ActionCam... 170 degree's for ya!

Free hot tea

Menu on the chopstick sleeve.

The noodles were great... thin but very chewy... not like a al'dente chewy but more like a lasagna chewy.  I had quite a few drinks at Watami before heading here so don't quite recall how tasty the tonkotsu soup was.

I usually prefer sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers over tiny booths but if you like your privacy and enjoy taking pics... videos... whatever then its a great spot for a foodie.  For 790yen and customizable ramen I will probably return.  Would have to say this is on even par with Ippudo only a block away.  Ooohh this place is open til 6am.

Restaurant: Ichiran Ramen Roppongi Branch
Restaurant J: 一蘭 六本木大江戸線駅上店
Address J: 東京都港区六本木4-11-11 六本木GMビル 2F
Address E: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 4-11-11

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