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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FUKUSHIMA KITAKATA: Shokudo Namae for the real deal "Teuchi" Kitakata Ramen by friendly elderly chefs.

Went up north to Niigata for abit of Onsen and on the way back we had to drive into Kitakata City for the real "Kitakata Ramen"... 

Just the coziest little mom and pop shokudo...

There are items on the menu other than ramen... I went for the regular sized Teuchi

Looks like the owner likes trains.

Calendar of the Imperial Family... signatures from 

The broth was so clear with little drops of oil on the edges... simple and delicious. Tonkotsu and Torigara (chicken) used for the soup.

Chunky hand made noodles was perfectly al'dente and sooooo good.

The owner and his wife.

Regular size Teuchi Ramen 520yen and Oomori (extra noodles) 620yen... so cheap compared to Tokyo so definitely hit up the large! 
But if in Tokyo you can give this Ban-Nai Kitakata franchise a try!

Owner saw us backing out of a tight space and stepped outside with the perfect smile to help.  Will all the variations in Tokyo and consistently trying to figure out what style to eat its such a nice change of pace to have something simple. 

You'll find ramen signs everywhere in Kitakata but definitely hit up Shokudo Namae first!
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Restaurant: Shokudo Namae
Address J: 福島県喜多方市字永久7693-3
Address E: Fukushima-ken, Kitakata

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