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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

NIIGATA: Kirinzan Onsen - Ekakino-ya Fukusen... a glimpse of Japanese Ryokan Dinner and Breakfast~

When in Niigata during a white winter day you must give one of the Japanese Onsen "Ryokan" Inns a try!  A friend who was born and raised in Niigata reserved a spot at Ekaki-no-ya Fukusen.  Three people shared one large room for 10,500yen each that included dinner and breakfast.

We scheduled dinner for 7pm... let it begin! Japanese food is simply incredible... there were just sooo many items... each a little meal on its own.

Highlight of the evening for me Shabu Shabu in Tofu stew.

Niigata is famous for their delicious rice... so good.

Rice is brought in a container and if you have any leftover just ask the staff to make rice balls "onigiri" for you... its the best!

8:30am Breakfast!

Incredibly filling and just so good.  

There were 2 types of onsen baths at this Ryokan.

"Rotenburo" outside bath with... amazing view of the river and snowy mountains.

Then there was the inside bath 

Still with great view.  There is also a private family onsen bath you can reserve.

Each room has a unique name thats engraved on the key holder.
This hotel was just a little treasure with amazing food, extremely friendly staff and the room was incredibly spacious room.  Highly ranked by customers on Rakuten Travel.  

Hotel Restaurant Ryokan: Ekaki-No-Ya Fukusen
Niigata Tourist Info Site:
Address J: 新潟県東蒲原郡阿賀町鹿瀬5886
Address E: Niigata Prefecture, Higashi Kanbara, Aga Machi, Kanose 5886

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