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Sunday, February 23, 2014

EKODA: Yakitori-No-Tetsujin... 1,500yen all you can drink eat BBQ Chicken!

Invite from a friend to check out Yaki-Tetsu's 70min all you can eat and drink for 1,500yen!  When you hear Yakitori you think chicken skewers but this place was waaaay more fun... BBQ Style!

Our 1,500yen menu... if you want beef then you'll have to go for the 1980 yen course.  So many great items... my super favorite Bonjiri (Chicken butt), Tontoro (super delicate pork slices) and garlic in sesame seed oil.

They give you a starter plate when you arrive.

Two special sauces

Only 1 beer is included in the 1,500yen plan.  The plate is filled with 6 portions... the volume was perfect so we don't get over loaded on just one item.

If the fire gets too out of hand just melt ice cubes on the grill.

Garlic bowl!  Veggies...

My MEGA Whisky Hi-Ball... we started at 18:40... Last Order at 19:35... and Time to leave at 19:50.

There were 2 seating areas... Tatami mats and there were tables in the back but I'd suggest sitting near the door area.  The smoke can get wild at times.

The charcoal grill was so powerful... with all the drinking and eating we burned quite a few items.

Just loved this BBQ style... 

If you go 3 times the 4th is free!

This place is just so awesome.  There were so many items to choose from, the service was super speedy and the drink menu had enough variety to keep me happy.  I highly suggest you checking out one of the branches in Tokyo!

Restaurant: Yakitori No Tetsujin Ekoda Branch
Company Website:
Tabelog Foodie Website:
Address J: 東京都練馬区小竹町1-58-1
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Kotakecho 1-58-1

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