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Friday, February 14, 2014

MARUNOUCHI: P.C.M. Pub Cardinal Marunouchi during a Tokyo snow storm! Lets do it!

The Snow!

I braved in Tokyo's record breaking winter snowfall to join Latin Sunday at PCM... normally there is a big JPMorgan presence here but not this night!  Sooo much snow and the trains were being delayed.

There are 3 areas... Inside seating, inside standing bar area and outside sitting/standing area.

Heartland Beers are 600yen.

DJ Sasa

DJ Takahiro... a regular at Latin Sunday events.

DJ Honda the organizer normally seen with his Cuban cigars.

Outside seating area.

TOKIA houses PCM, Cotton Club and many restaurants... and of course JP Morgan HQ upstairs.  Its a great bar for after 5 but not many other options in the area to move to after drinks... If you need to network with bankers this might be a great place... during my hedge fund days the sell side equity sales guys occasionally brought Marunouchi based clients here for drinks. 

Restaurant: PCM Pub Cardinal Marunouchi - Branch
Address J:  東京都千代田区丸の内2-7-3 東京ビルTOKIA 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi, 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg TOKIA 1F

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ピーシーエム パブ カーディナル, 丸の内,  東京駅, 二重橋前, ビアホール, ビアレストラン, ビアバー, パブ, Italian, French, Tapas, bar, lounge, music, event, tokyobelly, japanese, pub, japan, wine, sake, cocktails,

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