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Thursday, October 31, 2013

NERIMA: Free Yamano Ramen! Thanks to Rakuten Defeating Giants 5-1 in Game 2!!

Had a bet going with a good friend... Tokyo Giants vs Rakuten Eagles.  Of course I took the underdog and won a bowl of ramen!  Where else but to revisit Yamano for their most expensive Maze-Soba! :)

1,080yen... thats all me!  Its hard to justify paying over 900yen for ramen but lucky me.

Friend went for the Maze-Soba +100yen for "Oomori" (Extra large portion of noodles) and it was huge.

Thats all me!  Normally Maze-Soba is only 780yen but with the chunks of tender pork +300yen.

Super tender and tasty!  Stewed for a loooong time.

Scoop of rice at the end just tops off this great spot.

Didn't realize it but seems Miyabi is also a sister shop... My entry here:

Another great meal at Yamano... just sooooo good.  I'll be back again!
For details goto my former entry:


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