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Sunday, October 6, 2013

IKEBUKURO: Aji-Kuuta~... Friendly Okinawan with tiny little dishes :(... no choice but to drink Awamori Sake.

My friend has been here a few times for drinks and usually when the crowd gets going the owner will start singing some Okinawan tunes with his shamisen... 

Its a very small spot with 2-3 tables and a few counter seats.


Lots of items on the menu~...but be ware... they are pretty tiny and extremely basic compared to other Okinawan spots.

The free Otoshi... solid tofu topped with raw potent squid.  Very very salty and tasted like the ocean.  I don't have many dislikes but this was a bit overbearing.

Mozuku about 500yen for a small serving... can pick up a large back at the supermarket for 300yen ;)

Sliced pig ear... Mimi-ga~

Onion roots...

Okinawa travel pics by the staff

Listening to a bit of Shar Carillo on my iPhone... 

Just ordered one bottle of Awamori between the two of us... 35 proof.  About 3,300yen.

Sake Menu...

Friendly waitress (half Okinawan) joined us for a drink.

Fried spam with egg and Ketchup... like I said pretty basic and quite boring food.

A map for Okinawa for ya!  Anyways we stayed for 2 hours but the owner was too busy cooking to play any music for us.  Sooo... would I go back just for the food and drinks? Nope... but perhaps for the live music.

Restaurant: Aji-Kuuta~ Okinawan Restaurant
Address J: 東京都豊島区東池袋1-31-15
Address E: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 1-31-15

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