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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SAKURADAI: MenYa MaruYoshi Shoten Ramen... Veggies! Fat Noodles!! The Volume!!!

I've passed Maruyoshi 麺処 まるよし商店 soooo many times on my way to Seiyu (Japan's Walmart) and have never not seen a line here... but luckily at a rainy 1:30pm I managed to sneak in without waiting at all!

When you enter an ice cold Japanese tea awaits you... The main ramens are Tanmen 680yen (Regular Size or Medium Size) or AkaTama Tanmen 780yen with a big round ball of red spice as a topping.  Plus 100yen for large portion or minus 30yen for the small portion ramen.  Oh, they also have Tsukemen.

Little window where the ramen comes out.

100yen for Smoked Flavored Egg~.

I think the theme of this ramen shop is very retro... perhaps Japan in the 40-50's?

No Smoking!  I love this sign... 

Very old skool songs on the BGM.  銀座の恋の物語

The Chef looked like he was in his sixties... probably the reason for these older songs back when Japan was in its bubbly heyday of the 70-80's.

Chef in the back hard at work.

Wow... all this for 680yen... phew.  I went with the normal (nami) volume of noodles vs medium (chu) both 680yen.

It was just a mountain of stir fried veggies... It was almost if I had a dish of Chinese stir fry and Ramen but since he ran out of plates he just put on one top of the other.  Volume was huuuuge!

I selected the Futomen (think noodles) vs Hosomen (thin noodles) and was the perfect choice... the texture and chewiness to perfection.  Not the monster thickness that is Ramen Jiro which is perfect for lunch.

Tiny pieces of mini dried shrimp and tiny pieces of pork... I've never seen them so itty bitty.

Counter seating for 5... in the back there is a table for 4 but its used as "Ai-Seki" (meaning you will be sharing the table with strangers if the counter is full).

My view looking up... little spinny things... was soothing.

A few toppings... sesame seed, fried tempura chips and they had fresh garlic too.

Overall a really great spot with friendly service from the lady/wife(?) in her 50's or so who patiently explained the menu to me.  I'll definitely be back on an empty stomach because it sure was filling!  You gotta go!

Shop: Menya Maruyoshi Shoten
Address J:  東京都練馬区桜台1-3-10
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Sakuradai 1-3-10

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麺処 まるよし商店, ラーメン, つけ麺, Ramen, Tsukemen,

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