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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

IKEBUKURO: Back to Pho-Viet for a massive daily lunch... soo stuffed!

And so I return to Pho-Viet for their 100off after 1pm Lunch... as usual friendly and quick quick service!

They even play soccer games just like a pub... Japan vs Australia tonight.

I went with the "Higawari" (Daily Special)

And you can select a free drink of your choice or dessert... I went with a Mango drink but next time for sure I'd like to check out their Vietnamese dessert.  Another great option I had last time is a small bowl of the daily special and a small portion of Pho

And there it was... the camera angle makes it appear a bit small but the portions were extremely generous for only 650yen!   Super fresh salad, a nice clear broth soup, huge bowl of rice and...

The main item... don't let this angle fool you... there were easily 8-9 pieces of huge tender chunks of stewed pork with juicy daikon.  I almost had to leave a few pieces of pork... just sooooo much.  But flavor was very tasty and very happy with it.

Least impressive was the Mango juice, perhaps bought from Costco... but I do enjoy Mango Lassi from Indian restaurants.  If you are in Ikebukuro or walking near Saint Paul's University (Rikkyo University) then have a go... full crowd from my 1:40pm entrance to my 2:10pm departure.

REVISITED 6/5/2013... Daily special was Chicken Curry Rice

Went with "D-Set" that included a small Pho with shabushabu beef and large portion of the daily special chicken curry.  Curry tasted a bit more Japanese with a very very slight hint of Thai.

But this day I decided to go for the free lunch dessert thats normally 250-350yen if ordered separately instead of the free drink...  Chilled, little rice bits, mango... it was sooooo good.  

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