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Monday, June 10, 2013

SAKURADAI: Menchubo Tatsuki... 50% off Chuka-Soba! Thanks Groupon :)

I'm not one to regularly pay 950yen for Ramen but thanks to Groupon I had to give Tatsuki a try!

Price points were very high in this neighborhood that houses 3 very very popular ramens spots... Ramen Jiro, Hagan and Maruyoshi that average around 650-700yen for a bowl of great ramen.

So I hand the chef my Groupon code... he looked a bit confused... I must have been the first customer with a ticket.  Asked for the house recommended ramen~

L Shaped counter seating.

There it is!  950yen Chuka-Ramen... Soooo many toppings.  Pork, Wonton, Whole Egg, Some fried thing, bamboo shoots and noodles.  All the heavy toppings were a bit overwhelming.

Soup was very shoyu and nothing I'll be craving anytime soon.  

Wonton x3

Pork slices x2

Overall this place seems to be all about the variety of toppings and not necessarily about the quality of soup broth.  It got me stuffed but unfortunately I had that strong after taste similar to using MSG... it just lingered in my mouth for the longest time.  I picked up 3 Groupon tickets so will be back with a friend and give the TanTanMen a try... maybe it will be better.  Would I pay regular price for this ramen... nah.

Back on 6.16.2013 for some Tan-Tan-Men... I unfortunately picked up 3 Groupon tickets for this spot.  It was just so blah... thick noodles too al'dente... soup quite boring... Normally priced at 850yen.  How will this shop survive?

6.27.2013 for the Special Shio (salt) ramen and thus I have had all 3 styles of ramen... and honestly... this place is soooo bad.  I arrived at 10:35pm and the chef was already closing up shop (closes at 11pm), counting the money, putting all the food away all the while talking to his girlfriend who was waiting for him at the counter. Its always empty and I'll give it less than 6 months to close. bye bye!

Shop: MenChuBo Tatsuki
Address J: 東京都練馬区桜台1-6-7 桜台壱番館 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Sakuradai 1-6-7

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