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Thursday, June 27, 2013

NERIMA: TenTen Standing Izakaya... nothing special but easy 300yen items with no "Otoshi" fee.

If you have a little time to kill then this might be a good spot just for a short period of time.  The food was mediocre at best but its just easy...

Buy some pre-paid 300yen tickets from the machine...

Select your items and pass it along t the chef.

Yakitori selections... nothing impressive.

Motsu Nikomi....

Service was friendly but I'll probably never return... Just an FYI post if you need to have a quick beer or just to get out of the rain.

Shop: Nerima Sho Ten Ten Izakaya
Address J: 東京都練馬区豊玉北5-22-10 コンフォートX1階B
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Toyotama-Kita 5-22-10

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練馬縄のれん, てんてん, 立ち飲み, 居酒屋, 練馬

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