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Monday, March 4, 2013

KICHIJOJI: Ramen ZERO... Jiro'esque or Tetsu'esque your choice :)

I've always randomly spotted franchise Menya ZERO1 here and there in Tokyo but never ventured inside... not much of a franchise ramen guy I guess.  

But at 2:30am all the highly ranked ramen spots in Kichijoji were closed... so the cold forced us to stop trekking around in the dark and check out Zero1.  Staring at the Japanese menu for a while when the Ramen Chef hit us up with a....

English Menu!  Nice nice.  Started with a 300yen beeru.

My View of the kitchen... L shaped counter seating.

I went for the basic "Hearty Ramen Dish" that looked so similar to Ramen Jiro and Ramen Dai... A ramen guru friend mentioned that this style of ramen was booming.  Flavor was light compared to Jiro/Dai but it hit the spot.  Side order of Garlic is free...    And my friend ordered the "New Improved Bonito Flake Tsukemen Noodles with Tonkatsu (pork)" and the soup tasted just like my favorite Roppongi Hills location Ramen TETSU.   Think I like his better.

Overall it hands down beat most of the franchise shops that are open late into the night... most of which I regret eating the next morning due to poor foodie rankings.  But if like thick chunky noodles with a heavy broth then this ZERO1 Franchise is a great place to try!

Shop: Men-ya ZERO 1 (Kichijoji Branchi).
Address J: 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町1-5-3
Address E: 

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