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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

HOYA: Inoshow Ramen... RED RED HOT!

My ramen King friend Kenta was craving Inoshows spicy red ramen... seems the small franchise is known for this particular special.

The different types of Spicy ramen... they also serve regular ramen or tsukemen.

3 different spice levels: Normal, less spicy and less less spicy.  Ordered the less spicy for myself. 

Kenta went for the Spicy and he was hurting but there seems to be an addictive quality to this soup.  

The noodles were flat and on the very al'dente side.  Not quite what I prefer but very filling.  Char-siu pork a bit on the dry side.

Free water and extra spice!

Very fashionable interior for a Ramen shop

I didn't dare try to drink any of my soup... perhaps next time.

Seasonable white soup ramen.

After being spoiled by the massive 650yen quantities at Ramen Dai and Ramen Jiro its hard to justify paying 850yen for a normal ramen.   If you like spicy then it might be a nice option for you... clean environment and attentive staff.  

Shop: Inoshow Ramen
Address J: 東京都西東京市東町3-14-5 エミオ保谷 1F
Address E: Tokyo, Nishi Tokyo Shi, Higashi Machi 3-14-5, EMIO Hoya 1F

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